Stephen Giblett | Other Paintings | September 15 - October 22


Fort Delta is pleased to announce Other Paintings, it’s second solo exhibition of work by Stephen Giblett since the artist joined the gallery in 2015. Other Paintings will occupy the upper and lower front gallery spaces, flanking Gian Manik’s exhibition ‘Leather Seats’ which will be presented in the gallery’s mid-chamber and adjoining alcoves. An opening reception for both exhibitions will be held on Thursday September 15 between 6.00 – 8.00pm, with both exhibitions remaining on view until Saturday October 15.

Stephen Giblett’s paintings always begin with the immediacy of bold gestures and drawn marks. What come after these initial traces accumulate as residual apparitions sourced from the artist’s unconscious, visually rendered over time through applications of oil paint. Though astonishing in appearance, Giblett’s paintings remain hard for us to see and are often stylistically ‘blurred’ in appearance, concealing a greater beyond. While his paintings play into the art histories of Abstraction, Surrealism, and the Colour Field movement, in present time his practice utilises the act of painting as a technology to reveal the unforseen and make visible the unseeable.

His new exhibition ‘Other Paintings’ at Fort Delta is a departure from his last exhibition at the gallery entitled ‘New Paintings’ where his interests then were concerned with the digital distribution and reproduction of images and their intrinsically fleeting, almost vacuous nature amidst the techno sublime. 

His new works, however, appear as living and breathing documents from another world. From this perspective, the title of the exhibition takes on the phenomenological significance of the ‘other’ in how the paintings depict alien-like visualisations; their ‘otherness’ as images aesthetically equated to the recognisable beauty of trees and sweeping landscapes. The new suite of paintings are simultaneously removed, distanced, and strange. One large, square painting looks to be an aerial view of a foreign planetary terrain, while a considerably smaller work pays homage to a Dali-esque lost horizon.

Sharply contrasting these ‘other’ images, Giblett also presents two much smaller oil paintings that present a more recognisable and worldly approach to the exhibition. Both having a snow-globe, domed appearance, one painting depicts poplar trees painted in burning umber tones reminiscent of Turner’s landscapes, while another quaintly pictures a tree in the seasonal setting of deep winter blues and glowing whites. Central in Focus and composition, these two works assert the artist and viewer in the here, the now, and identifiable as the familiar against Giblett’s intriguing backdrop of the other. 


Stephen Giblett graduated from Monash University in 2003. He has been included in a number of group and solo exhibitions around Australia, including ‘New Paintings’, Fort Delta, Melbourne, 2015; ‘Low Fidelity; Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, 2013; and ‘Plume’, Glippsland Art Gallery; Sale, 2012. Most recently, he presented work with Fort Delta at the Spring 1883 art fair held at the Windsor Hotel in August, 2016. He has been a finalist in the Gold Coast Art Prize, The Eutick Memorial Still Life, and The John Leslie Art Prize. His work is held in international private collections in Greece and New Zealand and throughout Australia. His work is held in the public collections of Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery and the Saint Vincent’s Hospital Collection. 

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. Earth is going to be a space station and we’re all here to go into space, that’s what we’re here for, 2016. oil on linen. 122cm x 122cm

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. The Hammer, 2016. oil on linen. 76cm x 76cm.

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. Pentimento, 2016. oil on linen. 76cm x 76cm.

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. Lost Horizon, 2016. oil on linen. 76cm x 76cm.

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. Untitled (Apparition), 2016. oil on linen. 122cm x 122cm.

Stephen Giblet | Other Paintings

Stephen Giblett. La Neige, 2016. oil on linen. 40cm x 30cm & Stephen Giblett. Poplars, 2016. oil on linen. 40cm x 30cm.